US Upgrade 370 ~ 40

I am puzzled (nothing new) on a certain part of the upgrade. It involves the US feature deposits. Version 3.70 had the following tables 10140 Deposit Header 10141 Deposit Line 10142 Deposit Application 10143 Posted Deposit Header 10144 Posted Deposit Line 10145 Posted Deposit Application Version 4 has the following table 10140 Deposit Header 10143 Posted Deposit Header 10144 Postine Deposit Line The upgrade toolkit address table 10141, and 10142. It does not however address 10145, it just attempts to delete it at the final stage (and of course it is not empty). I have looked through the upgrade codeunits and can not find any place that deals with 10145. I guess my question is what happens to the information in this table and where has this information been relocated to? Thanks

I noticed that one too. since for deposit line they are using gen. journal line. and deposit application is gone, My guess the data in that table will need to be deleted, which they forgot to delete.

That is what I have done. Seems okay so far…