US Sales Tax problem after upgrade

Hi, After 5 years working for a NSC, I started to work for company that uses Navision in all there plants (Europe, Asia and the USA). The company bought an application builder / solution developer license so I can do most customizations myself. I’m now upgrading our US database from version 2.50 Adv. Distribution to version 3.70a. There were only a few customizations so there were almost no problems during the upgrade. For the moment I’m testing the upgraded database, and I have a problem when I try to print a posted sales invoice. I can print the invoice in the 2.50 version but not in the 3.70 version. Besides a number of invoice lines of type ‘ITEM’ there is in almost every invoice a ‘G/L Account’ line with ‘Shipping and handling Costs’. In all ‘Item’- lines there is a Tax group Code’ filled in, but never in the ‘G/L Account’-line. It seems to me that the field ‘Tax Group Code’ is mandatory in version 3.70 and not in 2.50 because I even can’t release a sales order when not all sales lines have a Tax group code. I can be wrong because I’m not familiar with sales taxes (live in EU) but I think this is correct. My questions: Is it correct that it was not mandatory in the older versions? Is there a way to ‘correct’ the already posted invoices? Maybe with a Tax group code ‘NO-TAX’? If so, are there other tables that I have to update? Can it be ‘overruled’ by a setting the setup? Thanks in advance Dany Leemans

I am curious if you resolved the Tax Group Code problem. I have just upgraded to 4.0 and am having the same issue.

In 3.70 and up, you need a Tax Group when there is a Tax Area Code filled in. If I remember, there are two options, (1) remove the Tax Area Code from these lines, or (2) add a blank Tax Group…The second is the option which I have found works the best.