US Implementation Partner

Hi, we’re evaluating Axapta/Attain and are looking for a good implementation partner on the US east coast. Anyone had any good experiences with a partner they’d be willing to share? The choices seem kind of thin. We’d prefer to have someone geographically close (i.e. midatlantic/washington d.c.) but would rather fly people in than botch the implementation. FYI, we’re basically a process manufacturer/distributor. Thanks in advance… If you want to reply directly you can email me at Regards, John

John, It makes quite a difference whether you are going with Axapta or Attain (now “Navision”). Only a very small number of firms are qualified with both. Your question will be easier to respond to if you specify one or the other. handles both Attain and Axapta. They have offices in NY, NJ, and PA.

Hi John: We brought in BMI out of tri-state area to fix all of our problems caused by an inexperienced integrator. We were able to eliminate over $ 90,000.00 of work request with the proper training. We have used BMI to setup our job costing and a very unique type of serial number tracking of slot machines. This entailed chip, service and machine tracking and completing all of the government red tape issues associated with this business. Their staff are all well qualified with the knowledge of the system. I would recommend them without any questions. Regards, Dennis Mahon MIS Director Atlantic City Coin and Slot Tel:609-641-7811 Ext. 244 Cell: 609-204-2511