url to open navision and specific object with specific fileration


Is it possible to have a url to open navision and specific object with specific fileration? if yes, then how the url will be written?

You can use like this : navision://client/run?target=Form 30 ( This will open Navision and run the Item Card) . However im not sure about the filters , what are you trying to achieve?

yes this is what i want to achieve to have the url to open Nav. But i guess it should include database name, company name. The filteration would be for example to open Item card with specific item no.

A entry for the company is available as well buti cant remember the syntax …[*-)]

If you open a form in NAV and use the function “Link to Desktop” (File, Send), a shortcut is created on your desktop. You could check out the syntax in that shortcut.

Open required form in Navision, set required filters and then choose File->Send->Link to Desktop.

You can look to URL of created shortcut to see what parameters are set there.

…try this:
Open a Salesorder, set a flowfilter on Datefilter “’’…30-10-07” and a Fieldfilter on Salesperson Code “PS”.

Now click Edit and “Copy Link”; paste into Notepad…

ok i got it. This also can be achieved by writing code like form.URL or report.URL. No what is my task is to send an email to a user from Navision with a link to a form in the body section of an email. The email is sent successfuly and the URL too. but the URL is plan text and doesn’t appear as link. (blue text).

any ideas?