URL of the navision form

Hi, On a navision form, if you go to File-> send → Shortcut to desktop.You get a shortcut to the navision form. Is it possible to generate the same URL on a click of a command button?? Kind Regards, Sharan.

Helpful information are found in “What’s New in C/SIDE 3.10” pages 91 and 92.

Also you can get Informations by using the Help F1 in your CAL-Editor. This year my company is divided in two parts. Part 1: Manufacturing and Development Part 2: Sales I solved a lot of automation using the URL-Methode. You can write the url-code in a file like this: >>file.create(FILENAME.url); >>file.textmode(true); >>file.write(’[Internetshortcut]’); >>file.Write(YOUR_URL_CODE); … you can also call the url-code directly using: >>hyperlink(YOUR_URL_CODE); If you use “hyperlink(…);” the statements in your code after the “hyperlink-row” will be executed at once. Attention: If there are windows 95 or windows 98 clients, the hyperlink-function truncate the value in “YOUR_URL_CODE” at position 250. To avoid problems with incomlete parameters you have to write the url-code in a File and execute the file (“hyperlink(filename.url);”) Bye(Stefan);