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hi all,

I want to display image in windows control in the form.

control which displays the image of the respective record, that is by selecting each record it should display a different image from Google url

I’m new to ax 2012


can u please help above

https://jkmsdax2012.wordpress.com/2015/05/13/how-to-display-imagesicons-for-grid-data-from-resourcepath-in-ax/ use this link u will get images

thanks, sreekumar for replying

I already have seen the given link above

I need to display image from google image in windows form control

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https://axblog4u.wordpress.com/2012/05/28/display-web-image-content-in-forms-using-dynamics-ax2012/ c this link

http://axguruu.blogspot.com/2014/03/opening-naukri-webpage-using-activex.html check this is also

thanks, sreekumar

I’m trying the dispaly web image-content

Hi all,

I need url image into the form it should display the URL image using windows control .is possible HTML editor in ax 2012?

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Can you please tell us more about your functional requirements?

Also, what is “Google url”, in your opinion?

Do the Following,

Create a new Form and Add the HTML control in Form Design,

And override the init method and make sure the blow code i been placed in init Method

public void init()


str text = @"

AX Logo ";




This solution doesn’t even meet requirements. It would show just a single static image, not “the image of the respective record”.

Let’s first analyze requirements and then design a suitable solution, instead of just adding semi-random links and pieces of code.

Hi Martin,

I agree with you, but still, his requirement is to show the web image in AX From. He can utilize this logic as he likes,

Thank you for replying, saabdullah,

is there is any possibility to display URL image in the form window control?

my requirement is I want to display URL image in window control in form.

thanks for replying Martin,

my functional requirement is if I click a row in the form it should display image for each row different image by two locations:

  1. first it displays image from the local drive(location) using window control in the form and it works for me

  2. second it from location: URL internet image it displays image in the window control

is its possible to display image from URL in the window control in the form

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I suspect you chose a technical solution before understanding all your options. I’m not sure that the Window control can do directly what you want, while I’m sure what WPF control called Image can. You can use WPF controls though ManagedHost, therefore you should consider this solution.

Nevertheless even if Window control can’t show images from internet and you insist on using it, the case is not lost. You could do something like this:

check if the file is on disk
if not
    download the file
    store it on disk
use the local file in Windows control

thanks, Martin

is it possible to dynamical location ? if I want to get the link from string field in the table?

thanks advance

is it possible to give url dynamically in

a small change in my requirements is URL path in table string field. based on the path in string field it should display the image.

thanks, advance

pls help me

write your logic in data source Active method and define the datasource field name which contains image url.

one small doubts in the code

I wrote a piece of code in the active method in Datasource

for dispalying image from string field(path) contains the url details based wiil dispaly

Normally we directly pass url in img src but in my case url details is present in string field how to pass table filed in img src

img1 =Tablename.Path;

text2 =@"

"; Html.setText(text2);

for example we pass the directly


anyone suggest me

what mistake I have done in the above code?