Urgently - RTC Permissions

Dear All

I have just installed Navision 7.0 (2013) RTC klient and have given BASIC and SUPER (DATA) to our accountants - Now it seems that the users have access to change all Permissions for all the other users i.e. to SUPER

How do I close the users to have access to this function.


Ole O

Hi Ole,

You should always have at least one user with the standard “SUPER” permission role. Otherwise you will not be able to change permissions.

Right now the only way to change it is to do it from SQL Server.

PS: Please never user “Urgently” or similar in subjects. If you need something more urgently than our members sees and answers your question, then you should really just call your NAV consultant. [:)]

Hi Eric

Navision7.0 (2013) RTC client - Permissions

Thanks for the reply - I have at least one SUPER (myself) but the issue is that all the users (with Basic and Super(Data)) can see all the other users permissions and can change these from their RTC client from the List users in the RTC client.

Ole O

Ok, with the SUPER(Data) then that’s true, sorry for misunderstanding it. Well they should be able to see the permissions, but not to change them. One way you could change this is to specify the company name for which they have SUPER (DATA). This way they are not able to see/change data common to all companies (which includes the permissions - but also some other settings).