Urgently RS6000 for Navision Attain

I want to know what is the limitation size of navision attain on AIX box? Anybody have the sizing of navision on AIX box. Please urgently help Thank you, Uthaiwan

I assume we speak of a IBM RS/6000 with AIX as the Operating System - or is “AIX box” something else ? As far as i know, there is no official sizing guide for that. What limitation do you want to know ? Users ? Database Size ? That depends very much on the hardware. Is the hardware already there and you want to know if it can handle the number of users you have ? Or do have a max. number of users and need to recommend the hardware ? Be a little more specific.

I want to know the limitation of navision database on AIX box.

The max. database size is the same on all platforms… 32Gb on Navision Financials, 64 Gb on Attain - both on Native database Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S www.columbusitpartner.com

The 64 GB Database is also available with Navision Financials. For both platforms, WindowsNT/2000 and IBM AIX - starting with server Version 2.60E.

64G databse works only if the customer ask for that option and it is included in his license. (free)