Urgently needed - Models in ax 2012

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Is it possible to restrict customizations in model 1 in company 2 where model 1 customization should work only on company 1 and model 2 customizartions should not affect or used in company 1 and it should be only used in company 2… Is this possible or any other way to overcome this? Plz help…

You need to design teh modification to have company specific parameters, so it is in the database and you turn it on/off as part of the configuration of the company. I do not believe you can do what you have said here.

Hi Adam ,

Thank you for you reply … You are correct and we have done the same which u said in previous version of Ax but just want to know some kind of new features in ax 2012 related to my query since we are upgrading the same from 4.0 to 6.2 …

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I am not aware of any changes, well let me put it this way the development team have always told us to parameterise this if we needed a company on/off switch and I have been told no different for AX2012 [:D]

Hi Adam,

Yup … Anyways thank you for your reply… Again, we have to bring that in parameterized way only …