Urgent- possible to jump in code?

Hello[:)] I desperatly need to know if it is possible to make the code “break” a loop and jump back to the top of the OnAfterGetRecord() in a report. Can I call this trigger? I have tried to use curreport.EXIT/BREAK But this exit the dataitem. I want to continue in the OnAfterGetRecord on the next record…(also tried QUIT but this makes no different what so ever). It’s probably easier to understand what I am trying to do if you see some of the code: Sales Invoice Header - OnAfterGetRecord() IF Counter>0 THEN BEGIN REPEAT SalesInvLine.SETFILTER(SalesInvLine."Customer Price Group",Pricegroup); SalesInvLine.SETFILTER(SalesInvLine."Document No.", SalesHeaderNo); SalesInvLine.SETFILTER(SalesInvLine.Type,ItemVar); SalesInvLine.SETFILTER(SalesInvLine.Quantity,notnull); If NOT SalesInvLine.Find('-') OR (SalesInvLine.Find('-') AND (SalesInvLine."No."= IkAvPost)) THEN BEGIN SalesInvLine.RESET; "Sales Invoice Header".NEXT; Counter-=1; CurrReport.break; END; if find... ... ... SalesInvHeader.NEXT; counter-=1; until counter=0; ... I’m very grateful for any help! [:)] Tia

What about CurrReport.SKIP?

Hi Nelson:) Thanks for your reply, but skip does the same thing… exits the dataItem. Best Regards,

Do you want to go through the Sales Invoice Line table record by record? Why don’t you create a new DataItem for Sales Invoice Line? Or you could use a REPEAT…UNTIL construct to loop this table? Maybe if you tell us what you need to do will be more helpful.

I should probably made a new dataItem for the lines but I didn’t… (shame on me…) Anyways, I found a solution. Not the best, but it works. Used a while/do, a boolean ++ Thanks anyway;) Best Regards,