Urgent Please help !!!!!

Hi all, By oversight the technical trainee has opened the Database of Navision 3.60 in Navision 3.70. After that it asks to open database with higher version. We were not successful to restore the databse in Navision 3.60 and hence we were compelled to open the database in Navision 3.70 The Database under Navision 3.70 is working under normal way. However, we are facing certain problems in the DataBase Table. One of the tables is Table 18 Customer in which error is as under: Customer Table contains a value in a Code field that can not be used with Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Filed : Party’s LST No. Value 410501/s/5, wef 1/4/95 After clicking OK it will exit from window. Even with the help of developer lisence it wont allow me to change the specify field value(Party’s LST No.). Even i cannot change the data from table. Please help me… Thanks in advance

Hi, Have you tried: 1. Export the record to a textfile via a dataport 2. Delete the record 3. Reimport the record Before reimporting, you might want to change the erroneous data in the textfile-record.

You might want to try to backup the whole db and restore it into a 3.60 again - though I don’t know if this error let’s you create the backup… What about changing that field value by pgramming? Something like setting a filter on the first couple of characters and the modifying that value. Saludos Nils

Hi, If the field “Party’s LST No.” as Code, so is the problem the lower case character in the value “410501/s/5, wef 1/4/95”. If you use SQL Server, you can use the Enterprise Manager to change the value to “410501/S/5, WEF 1/4/95”. Bjarne