Urgent : Item Tracking Line

Hello Master Navision… I have problem in Item tracking line. I have add new field : Status (option :: blank,A,B) and I add it too in Item Tracking lines form. When I fill Serial No and fill Status and after that I close the form and reopen the form,Serial No is filled but status field is not filled. Anyone can help me why this is happen? how to solve it?Please advise… Regards, Arnoldus

I did the same with my table and form and its working perfectly…but if you are having problems try this—go to the property sheet of the form and change the SaveValues option to yes…i think it will work

Have you added the field to the underlying table? The standard form is based on a temporary table and you must add he new field to the temporary table and to the supporting tables.

I add new field in Tracking Specification table… Anyone can help me how to input to the table after closing item tracking line form? if there is coding for this purpose,can anyone tell me how to code it? please advise…

Hi, how about taking a look into Form 6510? There you will find a function called “WriteToDatabase” … the name says it all!

Yeah, I hav seen WritetoDatabase function beforetime but I have a problem to understand very long codes in writetodatabase function. I mean that if anybody have experience in item tracking line, can you show me where i put code to input it to the table “exactly”. I’m new in Navision and now I dont have a lot of time to trace it because I have to develope another requirements of FRD.Please help me…

What version are you using? In 3.7 and 4.0 the item tracking is just temporary table and everything is written to reservation entry table.

I’m using Navision 4.0…

Hi Arnoldus,


[…] I have add new field : Status (option :: blank,A,B) and I add it too in Item Tracking lines form.

Please tell me the table- and form-id-numbers.

You need to add the field to reservation entry as well. The function writetodb on that form will write it to reservation entry table.