Urgent help - Purchase packing slip error

Hi All,

When I was creating salesorder → purchase order from the salesorder → posting packing slip,

it was trying to post the salesorder packing slip and so I am getting the error since the inventory physical is in -1. I don’t know why it is calling Sales packing slip while posting PO packing slip…

But when I was creating a Direct PO , no problem is happening … Any help will be appreciated…

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Also when I was debugging , I found that the code was going to InterCompanySales Class → post method and that’s y this is happening… Kindly help me why this is happening … Any set up issue???



I think it is creating a directly delivery PO, so when you post such a PO packing slip, then it will automatically posts the SO packing slip.

See the direct delivery check mark on sales header. (it gets copied from the customer). you can remove that check mark so it will work as normal purchase order.

So what error you are getting during the posting?

Hi Enrique,

I guess for the particular customer in sales order you might have checked the Check Box in customer setting located in following location.

AR–>Common–>Customer—> All customer–> Sales order default(FastTab for the particular customer)–>Intercompany(Uncheck the box).

May this will work.

I hope this is not an inter company related scenario.

May be you’re right Kranthi but still a suggestion. Anyhow thankyou.

Hi Kranthi , Sakthaananth

Yes… You are right … Thank you for your solution … A check box is checked for the customer for direct delivery and that’s y that intercompany method is called… Thank you All…

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Hi Kranthi,

The error is there is no item in the onhand and it is _ve … So that’s y the sales packing slip is not getting posted. But the client wants those intercompany Sales order should be posted for packing slip level also. If we do -ve entry set up, then the packing slip is allowing… But is that possible to post intercompany Sales packing slip with -ve qty ? and should be automatically posted while the regular PO packing slip getting posted when the item onhand is -ve???