Urgent help please -Modifying a Report in Navision


I have been doing some development work on Navision and i have 2 questions;

  1. I want to be able to run the Detail Trial Balance report in in the (financial management-general ledger- reports- Entries menus) so that it will display the entries for a g/l account and also filter by document date and vendor no. For instance the entries in a g/l for a particular vendor.

I have tried accessing designer for report 4 ‘detail trial balance’ and tried adding vendor ledger entry beneath the other field menu G/L account. But when i run the report it it still only filters by g/l code even though there is a new tab with vendor ledger entry for me to enter filer options.

I have tried adjusting the properties of vendor ledger entry so that the filters in the 2 tabs will link when i run the report- but i don’t know what code to put in the dataitem tableview filter.

  1. The second question is how to alter what infomation is displayed when the report is run- i have tried going to view- sections- when the report is in designer but i have had no luck.

I hope that is clear enough- if you need any more information please ask.

Any help would be so hugely appreciated- thank you in advance (I am using Navision 4.00 SP2- )

Hi Charlyh,

The first I recommend you do is copy the report DTB to a new object if you have not already.

Then look through out the system to see where what you want to do has been done already. Once you find it, look at what it is doing and replicate the procedure.

The reason I say this rather than give you an answer is that that is the best way to learn in Navision, through experience :slight_smile:

If you need any more help though let us all know


By the wording of your second question, do you mean the reqfilterfields found in the properites of the table included in the report?