Urgent: Create Pick from Bin

I have an Item “Test” and availability is 48


Bin1 38

Bin2 5

Bin3 5

Now am creating sales order for Item “test” and required Qty is 40 and then create creating warehouse shipment then i create pick.

when i check the warehouse pick document.

it takes the 5 qty from bin3

5 qty from bin2

30 qty from bin1

it takes lower value to higher but customer needs

38 qty from bin1

2 qty from bin2

Higher bin content to lower.

please help me on this.

You could use “Bin Rankings” to control how NAV chooses the bins during picking. Option 2 would be to renumber the bins so that the NAV picking logic follows the customer’s desired physical picking process.

Or, customize the picking logic (IMHO - least desirable)