Urgent - Any Idea's

Hi, We have a customer who is getting this error - There are error’s in text conversion ( text no. 1958-0 does not exists in .stx file ), any help would be appreciated ta gaz

What version of Attain are you using? - Jens

The stx file holds all the messages for Navision, you can open it in a text editor and see them. This message means that entry 1958-0 does not exist in the stx file. If you install a new exe file you should have installed an stx file as well. They have to go in the client folder and in the language folders you have installed. There is a different stx file for each language so you must keep track of where they go. From Attain 3.01b the exe will test that it has the same version of the stx file and will not start if they are different. Paul Baxter Edited by - triff on 2002 Jan 14 10:05:32

We’ve just come across the same thing on a site running 3.01a. Not all users are getting the error which made it even more unusual. The database is on SQL, and the users who are having problems seem to be the ones who have had the clients loaded using the “complete” option on the install disk. Uninstalling Navision for these users and then reinstalling just the client and help files has fixed it for those users that we’ve tested. We’ve only just installed them and they’re only testing so the problem may not be fixed but we’re hopeful. So are there different .stx files for C/Side and SQL, and is Navision getting confused because C/Side is loaded on the client machine? regards, Dan.

This error has been documented in the US Version of Attain. I’ve copied the text from the help document on their website below: Problem When trying to restore a Navision Attain backup in to a new database created on the MS SQL Option for Navision Attain or after opening an existing database and trying to backup the database within the MS SQL Option for Navision Attain the following error message appears: There are errors in the text conversion(text no. 1958-0 does not exist in the .stx file) Internal error 47-1 Resolution The installation copied two older files (fin.stx & fin.etx) into the ENU folder under the client. Therefore you need to: 1. Delete the fin.etx and fin.stx from the ENU folder where the Navision Attain client was installed. 2. Copy the fin.etx and fin.stx from the Navision Attain Client folder to the ENU folder. END navision quote EVen though this help document was written for restoring a backup, i’ve recreated this error a number of ways in a SQL installation when i haven’t performed the above fix. Luckily its an easy enough fix - just note, you’ll have to perform fix on every client machine. Daniel Daniel Day Developer Elliott Davis Technology Solutions http://www.edtsolutions.com

FYI: There are not two different stx files for SQL Server and Navision Server (C/SIDE), but the contents of both the stx and etx files contain: entries common to both platforms + entries used for Navision Server only + entries used for SQL Server only.