Upper limits on 3.60 + SQL

If anybody has any experience with these things, I would be grateful: What is the largest number of users possible on SQL Server 2000 with 3.60? What is the largest recommended number of users? I know from other posts that HW must be MUCH stronger,are there any other limitations? Are there any performance reasons to go with 3.70 on SQL instead of 3.60? Thanks, Jurica

Other than hardware and server setup requirements, the main influence on performance is the state of your application code and your ability to investigate problems if they arise. It only needs one bad key or C/AL statement combination that should be avoided for SQL Server, to produce a badly executing query. This in-turn slows down the transaction, holds locks for longer and reduces concurrency. There are no C/SIDE performance improvements in 3.70 from 3.60.