Uploading data from Excel to AX

Hi there!

Is it really a must to include a script in conversion tab in definition group?

I tried importing data from excel without doing anything in conversion tab and no data were imported. However, when i copied a script i found in the internet, the data were imported already!

Can somebody help me with the scripts so I can import more and more tables from excel to AX.

FYI, the only script that I have is for customer/vendor table.

Thanks much


No it is not necessary, but then it depends upon your data and the definition group.

Do it the other way, export a customer, then alter the number and name and import it, it will work without a conversion script.

thanks adam!

i tried uploading without doing anything with the conversion script and it didn’t work

i guess if i don’t copy the script in the conversion tab found in the table set up button in definition group, i should do something with AOT?

Thanks for answering, though.

I never use a script for these, but it depends what you are doing, how you are doing it and where you got the definition group from in the first place, not to mention your data etc.