Uploading BankAccountTrans Data

Dear All,

A crash to our AX 2009 database has been occurred, and after recovery and system gone on we discovered some data in the BankAccountTrans was missed.

now we have the missed data and we need to upload it to the system, so we need the proper way to do that, and the data should be uploaded to the BankAccountTrans and shouldn’t effect any other tables.



seems serious problem, did you find all your bank transactions in the Ledger that is linked to this Bank account?

if you don’t have the data in that ledger, probably you can go on with standard data importing excel sheets.

Hi Ayoub,

Are you sure that its only bank account transactions that is impacted? I guess other trans table may also have impacted.

The best approach is to restore the last backup and post transactions after that, however it depends on the business practice and transaction volume.

Loading bank trans will not be easy as that is auto updated by system and i guess there will be some dependent table also.


I also suggest the same .

Hi Pranav,

As I said now the balance in the general ledger is OK but when you check the balance from the bank module for specific bank accounts it comes different.

Restoring backup will not be practical because the problem happened before eight months but we discovered it now.

I already have the missing bank transactions data from the backup.

My question if I upload the data using excel is it solve the problem or not?