Uploading American Express Statements

has anyone had any experience with uplinking/uploading an American Express Credit Card statement into the NAV system?

Which trsaction do you want to upload. You can upload any transaction in NAV in journal with proper format. e.g. .csv or .txt format.

Usually (for us) an AMEX business card has various types of charges.
Some might be Office expenses, Travel, Vehicle Expenses, FUEL, purchases, etc.

How we handle it AMEX is to create a purchase invoice - vendor AMEX
Each line is type G/L And we enter the amount from the bill into it’s proper G/L Account.

On Posting, the Ledger entry goes to AMEX and the amounts are properly allocated to where they should be.

It’s all done manually, I didn’t know they can send you some txt file? Is that what you’re getting?

well, even here in Latvia I can get from my bank a detailed report on my / my companies credit card(s) transactions in several formats - from PDF to CSV, XML… the question is, what to do later with these files - if transaction count is small, it’s quickier to create a PI manually, as it anyway must be checked by an accountant, not everything an employee is allowed to pay for with a company’s credit card, even if he is a CEO [;)]