Uploading address information

I have a problem with uploading customer/ vendor master into AX.

When I upload customer/vendor master with address information by excel templates, I could upload them.

However when I open customer details form and try to modify uploaded master, I got error message and cannot get out from the form unless I undo the change.

FYI, I followed by instruction found in MS knowledge base.

It happens after applying serviece pack 1. Does anyone have the same problem?

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What is the error message?

Are you uploading them through a script or a definition group?

Have you a link to the instructions on the MS knowledge base?

I got the followiing error message when I click save or try to modiy uploaded record.

“Field Customer account must be filled in.”

I uploaded them through a definition group with script which is exlapined in knowledge base.

Here is the link to knowledge base:


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sorry I sent wrong link to knowledge base.


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Having followed the steps 1-20 it works fine for me. So this would indicate the issue is with your data.

It is storange because it is brand new data.

We just started to implement AX 2009 and there is nothing in there…


The additional address steps work as well.

Assuming you have imported addresses where did you chose to put the customer number? A string field I presume, hopefully you used the carrier number. I also altered the address type and name.

This does not put it in the GAB, but it gets it in I suppose.

The data you are putting in the spreadsheet. Create one record, export it and then you can see the fields you need to populate and how, I am guessing there is something in the Excel spreadsheet you are trying to import that is causing the issue.

Yes, I have done. I manullay created one record in AX and exported to excel spread sheet.

Then fill new records in the sheet to upload. But still got the error message.

When I uploaded records before I applied serviece pack 1, I did not get the error message.

So I assume it is related to SP 1…


I was, I believe, doing it on a pre SP1 version, but to be honest I am not sure, the application version I am using is 5.0.1500.809.