upload routes & formula in AX2012.

I need to upload routes & formula in AX2012.
Can some please help me with the tables That I should upload.
I am not using Product master (product configuration, varients etc.)

If possible please tell me easienst method to upload these table:

1.Excel addin

2.CSV file through def group

3.Using servises

4.Any other method???

easiest is just not the way to do this. Ask how do I do this properly and I would say through services or a script. The others work but will have limitations. You need to sit down and start understanding the table stuctures and then deciding where your capabilities lie to provide a solution. I have not looked at AX2012 from a data migration perspective and few others will have at this stage, so you will need to do this work yourself and post your issues and progress for the people following behind you.