Upload PO to Axapta

Hi All,

Need help.

Is there a way to upload PO to Axapta ?

My Plan is using excel template from Axapta. I will create definition groups through administration module.

Which table is related with Purchase Order ? I have investigate there are 2 tables related with PO : PurchTable and PurchLine. Any another table related with the PO flow ?

Please advice.

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Basically these two tables are enough. You may get a problem with inventory dimensions - if you know the Dimension Id you can import the purchline data with Dimension Id.

Agree with you Kranthi.

Now i have problem when i uploaded the PO.

The data already saved in the tables, but inventtransid and inventid is null.

Do you have any suggestion to upload PO to Axapta ?

Please advice.



Generally i use some code for importing the PO and Inventory Journal.

You can do one thing you see the next number for inventTransId in Inventory Parameters → Number Sequences → LOT Id

and use that numbers in you Excel which you are trying to import - but you need to do it manually.

and try to import it.

Or you can take help of some developer who can write some scripts during the import by using definition groups.

Thanks for your information. Very appreciate it.

By the way, your location is hyderabad. We are using vendor for our HIS system, from hyderabad too. Do you know WIPRO ?