Upload Payments Data To Nav 5.0

Hi Dynamics Guru’s,

I am new, I read Before you post your first question and searched and didn’t come up with anything regaurding my project straight off so sorry if this has been covered before.

I am developing an integration with Nav 5.0 that will take payment data in the form of CustomerID, Name, Amount, ?InvoiceNumber from an online payment platform and send it to Nav 5.0. Usually I like to use a webservice to do this to avoid folders full of flat files and for better synchroization. I can do this flat file, webservice, or if need be I can create some type of application to pump it straight into sql server if all else fails.

I am a complete newbie to Nav so any general ideas would be greatly appreciated. I have done similar integrations with Quickbooks using the web connect webservice integration and with SAP using soa manager webservice and with SAP doing ABAP. What is the best way to do this on Nav do you guys think?

Since this NAV 5.0, and as you mentioned it’s SQL. I suggest to create a new table in NAV. Call it Staging Payments or something similar. Dump the data directly through SQL into this table. From Nav Write a process to create the payment lines and post them.

That is kind of what I was afraid of. Ideally I would like something generic and didn’t require any custom software to be installed at the customers site. I am assuming with the new 2009 version this can be done in the newer ways like with a webservice and Nav can receive the payments on its own without a specially written process.

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. I’ll keep posting here as the solution architecture takes shape.

Yes with 2009 you could use webservice and publish the Payment Journal journal Page, And a codeunit helper to post the Payment journal. I believe you still have to make some modification. I don’t think you can get around not modifying the system for an integration.