upload & download AX data from XML file through the using internet URL

I need to upload & download AX data from XML file which would be stored using internet URL address path. I am not good in web services(.NET).

Can any one help me.

Thanks in advance.


Welcome to DUG [:)]

You have not mentioned what data entities you want to expose. Ideally you should use AIF for this requirement.

If you are not familiar with AIF - either hire someone who knows well; or you do AIF training course. Also AIF was discussed so many times in this forum; it will be worth searching for them.

Harish, Thanks for quick reply ,

I need to expose/impose some fields of SO/SQ (qty, price, UOM…), I heard that without using AIF, it is possible like currency conversion. But I have no Idea, how it could be.

Please quide me.