Upload document into navision database

i want to upload a document in all extension (.doc, .docx, .xls,…) even pictures into navision database

how can i do that?

Hi Elie,

If you’re using NAV in a Version >= 5.xx than you could use Record Links. Using Record Links you can attach Links to any filetype to almost every data in NAV. Problem surely is, that to call this record links everyone has to have access to the file-url. So, if you link a document lying on your local harddrive your colleague won’t be able to open it.

Another possibility is to inser a BLOB-Field into the regarding table(s) you could then call a function to import and export the document. Negative about that way is that you would have to do this for every table you want to use this (though you could create a global table for this and link that table to the corresponding records (but now I’m going a bit far). And you would have to somehow at least save the data-extension so that NAV knows what filetype to create on export.



Hi Elie,

This Functionality is available in Navision, Here Blob is used to Store Any File Type in Table 5062 “Attachment”.

Form No : 5154 “Interact. Tmpl. Languages”

Table No : 5103 “Interaction Tmpl. Language”

Try To See What They Did, & Solve Ur Problem. Hope U Solve The Problem.

Thanks & Regards,

Purvesh Maisuria.