upgradtion from Nav5.0 to R2

Hi Guys!!!

Please help me on below issue.

what i need to do is -
1.copare & merge all customisations from old version to R2 Cronus database (New Base).
2.export all objects form New base DB.
3.Open old customized database with R2 to convert in R2.
4.Delete all the objects except tables.
5.Import new customized ojects(which we got in step 2)
6.Complie all the objects in R2.
7.initialize the company in the upgraded database.
8.Upgrade data common to all company.
9.Test DB.

Now first of all i want to confirm whether all the stpes mentioned above are correct if not please correct the same.

For comparing and merging i want to use developer toolkit.so which version i need to use of NDT.
I have installed ‘dev toolkit_2.00.291SP3’ version of NDT.is this correct version?
Please help me.
Waiting for positive reply.
Thank you.

On your product disk, there is a folder called “Upgrade Toolkit”. In this folder there is another folder called “Documents”. In that folder you will find a document called “Upgrade Toolkit Manual.pdf”. This is the upgrade bible, the essential document that you need to study thoroughly. You need to know everything in this document or you will run into severe problems.

Inside the Documents folder there is another folder called “Upgrade Quickguides”, and there are a few documents in there with steps to follow when upgrading TO the current version FROM specific other versions. Use the one that applies to your upgrade. DO NOT use one that does not apply. If you are upgrading from 3.6 to 2009, do not use the one for upgrading from 4.0 to 2009, because there are different steps in there.

The developer toolkit is no longer supported. You can of course use whatever version gives you the results that you are looking for, but if there are any problems, MSFT will not provide any hotfixes for it.