Upgrading to 5.1

We are trying to quote for an upgrade from V4 to V5. We could go to V5 and then to V5.1 but i’m not sure how much work will be involved in migrating from V5 to V5.1. Obviously this depends on the clients modifications but my question is, is upgrading from V5 to V5.1 going to involve a lot of development, relatively speaking (because of the introduction of the new client or big changes to the core functionality). Compared to upgrading from V4 to V5 ?

There is no point in waiting for 5.1, because there is no additional functionality planned for it. You will have to do a full object upgrade to 5.1 NAV objects, which will be the same as 5.0 objects, so that step will be there regardless.

On the other hand, 5.1 has been postponed, and there will be some form and report modifications between 5.0 and 5.1 to accommodate the transformation. You would need to do those changes anyway though, so what I am saying is that an upgrade to 5.0 will not be wasted time if you intend to go to 5.1. There will be some very limited additional object changes, but 99% of the functionality will be identical.

NAV 5.1 it’s still far away. I don’t recommend waiting for it. At least for the documents that I have read it will not bring new functionalities in terms of application features.

NAV 5.1 new features are related to web services and new client interface.

Of course everything is subject to change. [:D]

Of course! After all, we ARE working with NAV [H]