upgrading, remid tool

Hi all,

My goal is upgrading from nav 5 to nav 2009.

I am using Upgrade Toolkit and its manual(guide).

When I’m trying to clear the ids of object using remid tool it just stucks. The reason of clearing the id is make easier to merge 2 dbs(you know).

I have about 49 mb txt file with ids. When I use remid about 46mb txt file has created but the process in cmd don’t seem complete, it just stuck.

What should I do. Do I really need to clear ids with “remid”???

Any help appreciated,


You don’t really always need to use remid.

What is the advantage that you will get by using it?

I have done upgrades and didn’t use this remid.

As written, they said the advantage of this is to clear id of the objects. And said it will be helpful in merging.

where did you find the remid tool? I’m looking for it in the Upgrade tool kit folder but I can’t find it. I’m following step by step the procedures stated in Upgrade toolkit manual.