Upgrading NF 2.60 Web Shop in 3.70

Hi all, Our client is using Nf 2.60 with Web Shop. Now our client want to upgrade his application to MBS 3.70. Does 3.70 contains some tools ot upgrade the web shop. Has any one done this ? Regards

I don’t know about upgrading web shop, but you can get Navision’s Commerce Portal for free if you are an existing Web Shop user. It’s a great deal more powerful than Web Shop, but will most likely require recreation of much of your web setups and pages.

hi I have heard of Commerce Portal. What i wanted to know , is that is here an Upgrade tool that Transfers or upgrades Web Shop to Commerce Portal, or shall we have to make new set of for Commerce Portal from scratch. Regards

The two products are built on different technologies…Web Shop is IIS and Commerce Portal is Commerce Server. So what you’re looking at is basically a recreation from scratch.