Upgrading Navision eShip/EDI

Hi, has anyone upgrade a client database with Lanham’s EDI/E-Ship granules installed? What are your experiences? Did you have you have to run any special tools or processes? How much additional hours did you have to spend compared to a native customer database? It doesn’t seem like Microsoft is going to release any upgrade toolkit that include the EDI/E-Ship modules any time soon, if ever at all.

Assuming you are an NSC, contact Lanham directly, they have all the upgrade tools you need.

Hi Alex,

Can you please share your experience of that project upgrade, which has EDI/ EShip?

I need some info about uprade of a database having EDI add-on.


Hi Dhan,

It’s not much different from upgrading any other Navision solution. The best place to get information about the Lanham EDI Solution is to contact Lanham in Atlanta. But you only say that the database is “having EDI add-on” - but are you sure that it’s Lanham’s EDI solution?

Hi Erik,

Thanks for reply. I think the number series 14000350 onwards is for Lanham’s EDI.

Following are the few objects in the database:


EDI Template


EDI NAV Tables


EDI NAV Fields


EDI Document


EDI Segment


EDI Element


EDI Fields


Navision Available Doc.


EDI Rec. Doc. Hdr.


EDI Rec. Doc. Fields


EDI Trade Partner


EDI Total Fields

Can you please confirm that its Lanham’s EDI. If yes, do they provide the tools to NSC’s for upgrade?



Yes that’s Lanham’s EDI. And yes they have tools for their partners to upgrade.

By the way, there’s no upgrade toolkit from Lanham.

The upgrade was simple enough, but there were specific fields that I had to write a process for to populate in the newer version.

OK. Thanks Alex for the info.

May be I will ask you the specific questions on the problems faced later.