Upgrading Navision 3.7 to Navision 4.0

Hello friends, We’re in the process of upgrading Microsoft Navision 3.7 to Navision 4.0. Although our team has taken enough precautions to do this upgrade, there is still a certain factor of ‘Fear of Failure’ in the team. The heart of the matter is that this is a very critical upgrade for one of our biggest clients, also none of the team members here have had the experience of doing a real big Navision Upgrade from an old version to new version ( Excluding any service pack upgrades). We’ve already started with the upgrade using the compare and merge toolkit, and manually migrating all the customized objects from the old version to the new version. The bottleneck in this whole process is that, although technically we have the list of changes made in Navision 3.7 to Navision 4.0, we’re not able to functionally sort out the issue that there are no overlapping of features in both the versions. Since ‘Data Migration’ is a very crucial, critical aspect of any upgrade, some fair idea is yet to gained by us. So, I wanted to know from all my developer friends here, ‘I want some help, any help in assisting us in this process of Navision upgrade from Version 3.7 to Version 4.0. Can you help me in this regard?’ The version used by our client is Microsoft Navision 3.7 HF11 and we want to upgrade them to Microsoft Navision 4.0 SP3 HF6. Both are Indian versions. Vikram


you can ask any specific question , and we will help. So far it is not clear what you are really asking?

I also want to add that the data conversion will be done twice. The first time you upgrade for testing purposes.

You should spend some time on analyzing the Modification and if they make sense to upgrade. Second After you have upgraded for the first time.

You should go through all the processes the client is running right now and make sure they work. How do you know that they work will depend on your understanding of the mods.

Make sure all the reports work and can be run and give you the same results. The programmers who merge objects should be assisted by functional consultants when they are merging objects.

There is also an option to not upgrade, but do a reimplementation.

Hi… That gives a fair idea in doing the Data Migration in our upgrade.

Hi Vikram,

How is your upgradation project going on?

btw which company u work for?

I am also in Bangalore, you can contact me by email also: ID is bansal_dhanraj@yahoo.com