Upgrading in different languages

Hi all!!! Hope you can help me. How can I upgrade a database from our subsidiary company who are using another languages??? I’m going to upgrade form ver. 2.01 → 3.70 and have only there databases for ver. 2.01 + 3.70, so I’m missing all databases in between. So my question is, can I anyway use a english and a notEnglish database in Navision Developer Toolkit to compare base and customize database. Thanks…

I don’t think so. First of all problems with multilanguage should appear. Also some localization features will not be included in W1 version. … and who knows what else.

hi The best way i suggest is to bring all the customization, in MBS 3.70 from 2.01 manully for each object, it will need manul transalation too. Regards