Upgrading from Ver GB 1.3 to Ver GB 3.6

Dear All, I would like to upgrade from GB 1.3 Version to 3.6 Latest. I know the process of upgrading from 2.00,2.01…3.10 to 3.6… how easy the job of upgrading from 1.3 to 3.6? the navision upgrade toll kit will not give any information about how to upgrade from earlier than 2.00 ver. is there any other way to do this? On an average, what is the time required to do this kind of job ? Need information on above topic. Thanks for the help. Vijay

Vijay, First of all, how long depends on how modified she system you’re upgrading is?!? The upgrade process I have done was actually; 1.30 - 2.00 then 2.00 - 2.01 then 2.01 - 2.60 and then finally 2.60 - 3.60 It also involved another step which was backing the 3.60 cside database up and then restoring into 3.60 SQL option database (but that’s irrelavent). What you need to do is basically look at the objects that have changed each version, then look at your current system objects for any clashes - these objects will need your bespoke changes re-applied to the newer versions object. Also you need to watch out for new functionality in the upgrade, may replace your bespoke changes or may render you bespoke changes useless - so the compare between objects is very important! Then you can draw a plan up outlining how many objects need changing and assign a time value. e.g. Table 18 - 3 new fields, 1 new key, 10 lines of code behind OnValidate trigger of one of the new fields … 15-20 mins. (Of course this is an over estimate, because you don’t want to under estimate!) This is standard for all upgrades - I have followed the same procedure (looking at new objects, reapplying changes), for a recently undertaken payroll upgrade. Hope this helps.

Hai CMDunbar, Thanx for the reply and valuable information. I need some more information regarding upgrading from 1.3 to 2.00 version. Do i need to do manually or are there any tools which can help me in this regard. (as i mentined already, navision upgrade toll kit will not give any information about how to upgrade from earlier than 2.00 ver.) Thanks in advance

Vijay, I’m not sure if there is a tool for it - check the version 2 product CD. Personally, I would do it manually as I can’t get to grips with the upgrade tools [:D]

Dear Dunbar, Yes, i do agree that we can manage upradation of objects and code(customisation) manually, but what you have done to upgrade data?.. to upgrade data manualy takes long time i feel. do you know any specaly way to do this? pls. reply. Thank you

Vijay On the Version 2.00 CD there is Upgrade Directory ‘NFUPGTK’ this contains a readme document with notes on Upgrading, a Fob with the objects needed to upgrade the data and Compare tool for comparing Objects. You’ll would probably be better using something other than the compare tool.

Vijay, As Stephen has pointed out - check the nfupgtk folder on the product CD. I know the upgrade takes along time, but “personally” it doesn’t bother me because in the past, the toolkit wasn’t very good - missed code in objects etc… . I believe it’s a lot better now, but I haven’t done a big upgrade for some time and therefore don’t need to use the toolkit. Good luck

Hai Steve, Thanx a lot for the information provided. Can you please send me the PDF document of Upgrade toolkit you said in the above reply. I will be very grateful to you, if you can send the document. Thanx in advance… Thanx to dunbar tooo for the information shared.

Hi Vijay, If you have some documents on upgradation, pls send me also a copy. i am looking for some docs on 2.6 to 3.6 upgradation. Infact we made lot of additions already. Thanks Anu