upgrading from Nav Attain 3.01 to Nav Attain 3.1

i want to upgrade from navision attain 3.01 to navision attain 3.10. am not sure about how to…i also want to make it clear whether upgrading will effect the changes made to the Triggers at Table and form level.the changes include overiding of the standard functionality at both levels…can anyone help me the complete methodology of updradation without effecting my existing system.

Study the documentation accompanying the “Upgrade Toolkit” that comes with all versions of Attain. You may also want to take a look at the Navision Developer’s Toolkit. - Jens

if i use upgrade toolkit then will it effect the additions done by me in the tables of Attain 3.01.

Yes. That’s why you should study the documentation FIRST. And then use the Navision Development Tool to merge the changes into the new version. But as a general advise, then I would suggest you to contact your local Navision representetive to get signed up for class regarding this subject. And remember always to make a full test before actually doing it online on you customers database. Rgds, Erik Ernst

Upgrading in Navision is one of the most complicated taks given the technical/functional issues involved. If you want to try for test/learning purpose, follow the Upgrade Toolkit instructions. If u intend to try with an actual client database, do check with your NSC. If you are an end-user, there are lot of things you can’t do(due to license restrictions), if a NSC Staff read through the upgrade document more than once to understand the issues involved. Regards [;)]

Dear Aks, After going through the standard upgradation manuals , installing toolkit, getting enrolled for a session etc, do make sure to use the 3.10 IN sp5 database as the new base version. As far as methodology is concerned, the toolkit is not so powerful(yet). There are a few good discussion tracks on this site on the same. However it is hands on experience that will make you evolve your own style and feel comfortable with the exercise.

First of all, please read document w1w1upgr.pdf provided in folder UPGTK on Attain 3.10 CD. You must then list the steps that would be applicable to your case, and devise your own procedure. Here are the general steps in the upgrade process: 1. Take backup of data from 3.01. 2. Use the Navision Developer Toolkit to compare the differences between the objects supplied in 3.10 and the customizations made by you to 3.01 objects. 3. Apply necessary changes to 3.10 objects. 4. Export all 3.10 objects to a FOB file. 5. Create a new database in 3.10. 6. Restore the 3.01 database backup in 3.10 database. 7. Run applicable upgrade codeunits specified in w1w1upgr.pdf 8. Import 3.10 objects exported in step-4. *** Please note *** the steps above are only to give you an idea about the general procedure involved. You must read the document supplied by Navision and decide the steps that will be applicable in your case. Bhaskar

I have been upgrading from 2.6 to 3.10 and have found the accompanying documentation a bit confusing at times. As i come to start upgrades to 3.60 the new documantation appears to be much clearer in terms of logical order and progessing though an upgrade. I don’t know if this helps but its worth a read if you can spare the time.

dear friends, thanks for your response…the documentation with the 3.10 upgrade toolkit is corrupt…so if any body can mail it to me at ajay_setin@yahoo.com …please…the english version(for i cannt understand any other lang.) aks

thanks mr.ajayjain…

hi singh, did u successfully upgrade 3.01 to 3.10. if yes please tell the procedure & advice also if any to do it. wish u all the best Vaibhav