Upgrading from NAV 4 SP2 to 5 SP1

I have a friend who asked if it is possible to do upgrading by using End User License. It looks like his company wants him to upgrade to Nav 5 SP1. And because they have their own developer team, they want to upgrade it by themselves. If they need the license to do it, they will buy it.

I told him it is not possible to do it using end user license because in order to use the Upgrade Toolkit, we need at least a partner license. It is possible to do it if they only want EXE upgrade.

And I think it’s best for them to involve their partner on this huge matter.

I might be mistaken on this. So, is it possible to do it using end user license ?

You are right - its impossible with Enduser license.

AND, if they even buy Developer`s license (which is expensive enough - 4 additional granules not included even in BRL-AM sum up to EUR ~30K ) I can hardly believe their in-house team will have enough knowledge to do the job.

Actually, version upgrade should be treated as new implementation project - its the best time to revise business processes in company, maybe earlier customizations have become standart in new version, added functionality may let you do things differently etc. Let proffesionals do the job - it will be faster, reliable and finally maybe even less expensive…

Even with a Solution Developer license, an end-user does not have access to the object ranges used in the upgrade toolkit.

That’s exactly what I think. I will let him know about this.