Upgrading from NAV 4 SP1 to SP3

My company is running NAV, currently on 4.0, SP1 (with around half a dozen users). We need to move to SP3, mainly so that we can get it to link to CRM, which we want to roll out. I have downloaded the SP3 toolkit, but would appreciate any thoughts on the following:

  • Can you upgrade straight from SP1 to SP3?
  • Are there many issues/problems with doing so?
  • Does it affect customisations? We don’t have many, and they are fairly minor
  • Anything else we should consider?

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Neil Langridge


You don’t need the toolkit to move from sp1 to sp3. You simply need to export all sp2 and sp3 objects. Find the ones that you have modified, merge them and then load them into your sp1 db. Doing this all in test environment first, test it and then role it out.

You can role out the executables at any time before that.

NAV 4.0 SP3 has released solve many of issues in SP1 and weren’t released new features. So you need only to merge SP3 and your customizations in your DB.