Upgrading from DAX 4.2 to DAX 2012 - with Good MAnufacturing Practices Business Suite (but need to also USG DCAA Requirements)

Can we upgrade DAX 4.2 to DAX 2012 (with Good Manufacturing Practice Business Suite) combined with (or including) the Dynamics NAV USG reporting module as well.

My company implemented DAX 4.2 some years ago (which included the GMP Business Suite). However, as a USG contractor, we also had to make significant customizations to be compliant with USG/DCAA requirements.

Now, we are considering upgrading to DAX 2012 (also with GMP suite), but have been told by our current Microsoft partner that we will need to re-customize all of the USG requirements.

QUESTION: Is there a way to combine the USG compliance built into NAV into the DAX 2012 GMP ERP? If so, who has the capability of facilitating that?

Wes McConnell