Upgrading from AX 2012 CU3 to CU5 - need help/inputs


We installed the patch that we got from MS. We are following the link step by step


After all the process it generated an XML file at the

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Dynamics AX\Dynamics AX Setup Logs\2014-03-13 09-25-22\ImpactAnalysisSummary.xml

It said we need to run the impact analysis tool but not sure where to find it either in rich client on in AOT? Can some one help me with the steps if any body had already upgraded?



AxImpactAnalysis.exe should be included in the hotfix - check the folder where you unpacked the hotfix archive.

That should be in the unzipped folder…

Thanks for the quick reply. It doesn’t seem like we are doing things in order.

We downloaded the package and unzipped it and In the DynamicsAX 2012 Feature pack /CU5 folder I see the following things






aximpactanalyssis (application)



Out of the above to upgrade to CU5 we do the following things:

  1. Run the axupdate (application) first

  2. Run the aximpactanalysis (application)

  3. After performing step 2 should there be any errors we fix them in AOT?

  4. not sure what after… please confirm if the above order of the above steps are correct and help if I am missing any thing here.



You should run all the steps in software update check list
Redeploy Deploy updated reports to a report server
Update Enterprise Portal (if you are using it)
Update Retail (if you are using it)

Please help me understand which one to start with first.


Use the following order

1- Software update check list
2 - Redeploy Deploy updated reports to a report server
3- Update Enterprise Portal (if you are using it)
4 - Update Retail (if you are using it)