Upgrading from 5.0 SP1 to NAV 2009 R2

I was wondering if I could upgrade our system without having a developer license? We have the application builder license but not the full blown developer license. I know it isn’t as simple as just putting a CD in and clicking upgrade but I was hoping I could work at it in a test system and then do a full system upgrade over a weekend. Thoughts? Direction? Thanks.

Upgrading does not mean just changing executables, and this one

will NEVER happen. FULL upgrade may take MONTHS!
Remember, that changing executables is only what is called a technical upgrade, exes will be new, but all objects (Tables, Forms/Pages, CU, Reports etc) in the database remain intact & still of their original (old) version.

Even if you do not have a single modification (which is almost unreal), object upgrade is done by special tools, available to Partners only, and requires special knowledge. Not to speak about modified implementations, this is a very complex task.

In short - you will not be able to upgrade the system yourself even with AppBuilder “granule” - you lack the necessary tools, and more important, the KNOWLEDGE what to do with these tools…

a follow-up…

Check this link: End User NAV developer license

Thank you!