upgrading from 3.60 to 4.0

In quick guide i reached the section 9. Import the new customized objects created in the compare and merge process. In Import Worksheet window, click Replace All and then ok. Ok, now i go full guide page 38: “When you have completed the merge [which i have], export the New Custom version to a text file, import it into the new Navision database [empty one?] and compile all objects.” - if i try to get the objects from text file to empty 4.0 db - my licence key doesnt allow it, - if i try to get them anywhere else, it gives me parse errors. Using Developers Toolkit 2.0, maybe thats the problem? Has any1 ran into similar problems?

You will not be able to import the Text file into an empty 4.0 database. You will need to import it into a database with objects (Open Cronus and delete the companies, or export all Cronus objects as an FOB and import them into your empty db first). Our licenses don’t allow us to create a new object outside 50,000 - 99,999, so it won’t let you import the text file if some form of the object doesn’t already exist.