upgrading data from AX2009 to AX2012R2

Hi all.

I want to upgrade data from dynamics ax 2009 to 2012 R2. I log on to Dynamics with USR layer.I go to System administration>Setup>Checklist>Data upgrade checklist.

When I click,show me a warning “Dynamics AX was not registered for upgrade! Upgrade steps may lead to error.”.

During connection with old version of Dynamics(2009), show me an error “Class not found:ReleaseUpdateDB41_Basic”.

I check all classes, there is a class with name of “ReleaseUpdateDB” but there is no class with name of “ReleaseUpdateDB41_Basic”.

Dynamics AX 2012 R2 is full registered with license file, but I do not have DevCode of layers. I always log on with USR layer.

I have some question.

Is my problem from layer? I have to log on with SYS or GLS layer for this problem and showing all classes?

does layer or license of 2009 version needed for this problem, or just solving this problem with DevCode layer of 2012 R2 version?

thanks for your attention.

“Dynamics AX was not registered for upgrade! Upgrade steps may lead to error” means that you didn’t tick Register this database for upgrade when installing AX database of the upgrade environment.

The missing class was probably caused by failing to install the upgrade model (when installing AX 2012 application).

Thanks Martin.

I do your solution, now when i want to connect to database show new error: “Company to partition mappings has not been done in the source system.”.

can anyone help me please?

thanks a lot.

I think that trial and error is not a good approach for data upgrade; you should read the documentation first to understand what to do. In this particular case, you missed Configure partitions [AX 2012].