Upgrading 3.6 to 3.7

The Upgrade Tool kit manual on Page 34 says, 1. Create backup of the customer’s current version ( in this case 3.6 ). 2. Install newest version of Navision ( in this case 3.7 ) 3. Restore the objects from the backup of the old customised database into the new verson of Navision. ( i.e., output created in step 1 to be restored in the database created in step 2) 4. Restore the backup of the old standard Navision database the you have created in to the new version of Navision. I do not understand point 4. How can that be done. Will it not overwrite. How the customized objects are then compared ? Please help.

You must compare 3.6 standard with 3.6 customer object then analyze what you want to move to 3.7 standard and move it to 3.7 version. (If you have a lot of customization in 3.6. This Step is take a long time) and then you will got new objects in 3.7 version. I called “the new customized Navision 3.70 objects” see page 67 you will use new object in this step.

Thanks for your reply. Actually I got stuck up in Page 67. In point 2 it says, Import the new customized Navision 3.7 objects and all the Navision objects in to the new database that you have created . These are the objects that were exported to the objects.fob file in step 2 on page 64. I want to know the correct procedure to get this file objects.fob, which is confusing. I have a 3.6 backup having customized objects. Now how to proceed ?

the way to make “the new customized Navision 3.70 objects” in the document is we have to use the tool follow the document. (I tried to follow the document, But It didn’t work.and I also not sure that my new 3.7 object I got from navision tool is working properly.Coz it is just compare and put the different line in new version. maybe someone in this forum can help you better than me about navision tools.) My way, I use examdiff (to compare modified objects) between 3.6 and 3.6customer and take all customize to 3.7 version. I open examdiff, compare 3.6standard - 3.6customer, and open 3.7standard, do customization in 3.7 , then export all object to object.fob I think my solution to make object.fob is working properly. coz I’ve done it for 3 customer last year.