Upgrades your opinions ........


We have a customer who has fallen off the band wagon and is on version 5, they want to upgrade to 2009 R2. They don’t have too many modifications, from what I can see, they have extra fields in approximately 12 standard NAV tables.

My question is how architecturally would you attack this?

Would you

A) Use the upgrade toolkits and take them to R2 this way?

B) Start a fresh implementation of R2 and migrate the data using dataports

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated?


First, version 5 is not that far off the bandwagon. Based on your information, I think you’d be best to follow the standard upgrade toolkit.

So your recommendation would be to go through the standard process of going from:

5 > 5.1 > 2009 > 2009 Sp1 > 2009 R2.

There has to be an easier way than this?

Hi Andrew,

Correct version 5 is not far behind. Then he would have been using version 3.60/3.70 or older! [:)] And changes to 12 tables only is not a lot. But new fields to tables are usually the easy part to upgrade. What typically matters are changes to forms, but if your user is moving to 2009 RTC, then you would typically do these changes manually anyway.

But to me it also sounds like using the standard upgrade toolkit is the better option.

Well the upgrade toolkit allows you to upgrade your data directly from NAV 5.0 to NAV 2009 R2.

Apologies, I didn’t know this toolkit could go back to 5 and directly take it up to R2.

With this advise the upgrade toolkit is without a doubt the best solution.

Thank you