Upgrades and 3.70

Hi, We are in the process of upgrading several of our clients (as you may know from my all too frequent postings asking for help on the subject [:(!]). We have been planning and undertaking an upgrade to 3.60, but since the release of 3.70 we have been placed in a bit of dilemma. We have shown the clients 3.60 and they are happy with the idea of upgrading to it. Should we deliver 3.60 as promised or should we approach them with the joys of the new version. Can anyone give an opinion on how they would approach this? Thanks John

Hi John I cannot comment on the pain of the 3.70 upgrade, but as the 3.70 release is nearly a pure bug fix for the 3.60 version (2500 fixes [?]) logicically the prudent move would be the upgrade to 3.70. It just depends upon the extra step from version x to 3.60 or 3.70. If I was the customer and knew that 3.70 had 2500 fixes from 3.60 I would probably want to go to 3.70 [:D]

I have seen the new “feature” list for 3.7, and to me 3.7 just looks like a 3.6 fix. The “feature” must mean the several hundred bug fixes that have been made. I will try and dig out the document for you.

That’s correct. 3.70 is version 3.60 with over 1000 fixed errors (yes it’s a total of more than changes to 3.60). So it’s actually not that different from upgrading to 3.60. So I would recommend you to do the 3.70 upgrade now - instaed of the 3.60! And if you’re running the NAS sever, then it’s almost a MUST!

Thanks for the input, I have seen the document Andrew mentioned and we are all in agreement that the 3.70 version is indeed a vast improvement. The real poser for us is that we don’t wish to alienate our client by suggesting that there will be a constant need for upgrading as we have only just convinced that that 3.60 is a good idea. Your suggestions indicate that you would regard it as a bug fix, but would you pitch it to the client as such. How best would you suggest the change to 3.70 to a potential client without making them think a) there is an endless stream of upgrades on the horizon or b) that the attain program is riddled with error and potentially undermine their confidence in the product. Having seen 3.70 for ourselves yesterday we all felt it was a much more complete version than 3.60. Thanks again for your help.