I upgrade the NAV R2 to NAV 2013 I faced the one problem I converted all object Old Base and Old Customization(Except Form and Dataport) through textformateupgrade2013.then I create a new database in 2013 when I import the Old base system shows the error screenshot is attached.Can not import the text file.



Could be a misleading error message which (maybe!) means that there might be some fields in the Payment terms (country specific? SEPA?) that are not accessible from your developer license ?

Have you got any field ID in NAV 2013 that you don’t have in NAV 2009 ?

Suggestion : try to download a fresh developer license from VOICE, just in case …

i created a new database in NAV 13 and upload the fresh license in nav13 then I import the .txt file(which get fromTextFormatUpgrade2013) both old Base and old Customized but system shows the same error on payment terms table.


go through this link please


I know this error message… this is becuase developers license will not allow us to create new objects in microsoft range… one possible work around is import all nav standard 2013 objects of which ever localization u need to in fob format so that your microsoft objects are created…and then import you text files

This will work as far as i know…!!

Good luck!


Hi i know this error… you can not create objects in microsoft range…

one possible work around is to import nav std 2013 objects from cronus(.fob file) and then import your text files…

this way your issue will be solved.

Good luck!



You are telling absolutely right. I import all object in NAV13(New DB in 13) but when I import text file both one by one old base and old customize then system shows a error in location Table.error is attached how remove this error. if old base version created a field but new version deleted then how can resolved it.


You need to import FOB and use Merge Existing option in Import worksheet.

Questions arise now…

  1. did you do the object merge from nav 2009 to nav 2013…?

  2. why the old base version is coming in to new base version that is not fare if microsoft has removed the field why are you still trying to continue…

3.text conversion tool is only to make your old objects ready for importing to 2013… so if you are doing only client upgrade… import the fob file from the old version in that way u will not have any field missings and then immediately import the converted text file before compiling your fob import…

this is way too tricky… but i would like to know answers for my questions now…


Dear Sir,

i follow the Microsoft document **80549_NAV2013_ENUS_UPGRADE_03.**These lines are yellow colors which i follow .

I attached that document




Well the document does means that you are following the standard procedure and the yellow content looks good to me… BUT… why are you getting the old base fields after object merge…?

which is not correct as per YOUR DOCUMENT (YELLOW CONTENT)… if that procedure is followed you should not have the field in location table in new version.



I am followed the steps provided by Microsoft but i am facing the problem. please You tell me simple and right process process of upgrade NAV 2009 R2 to NAV 2013 step by step

i follow that process.



Hi Sunil,

you need to first merge the custom changes on to your nav 2013 base objects(this is for standard nav objects)… after that you need to use the object text conversion tool to upgrade your custom range objects… then u are completely ready with objects for nav 2013… then goes the data upgrade…!

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ok sir,

if any help then i call u on Skpye…(I send the request)