Upgrade v3.10 to v5

Dear Experts,
I doing upgrade from v3.10 to v4SP3(then only plan to go for v5)…
below is wat i was did:

  1. compare customer db( v3.10) and cronus( v3.10) with winmerge tool then dump all customized code to v4SP3 then customized object created.
  2. converted customer db(v3.10) to v4.0SP3 (successful)
  3. import the customized object tat created in step 1 to converted db BUT when import customized object(tables) tat time system prompted me msg said tat i can’t import tables 15(GL Account) bcoz ther r data in the table i can’t modify or alter the table.

Since i can’t import the customized object tat created in step 1 i tried to manually add customize codes to converted db…BUT when i create fields for table 15(GL Account) the system prompted msg tat said “Your license is not permit to do…bla bla bla…”



It seems u have not used the microsoft data conversion toolkit.

The problem is that the new version might have deleted or modified some of the fields of G/L Account table.

So if u see the behaviour of any basis database system it won;t let u delete a field definition until u delete all the values of the field.so when u import the new object into the converted db, it tries to delete a field which might have values.

If u use microsoft db conversion toolkit, it has a some data conversion codeunits , which first finds all the fields which are deleted or modified in the new version. In the case if field is deleted …it deletes all the value of that field…or if the field is modified(changing data type) then it takes all the values out in a temp table and then deletes the field…then after u import new objects…it refills the table again from the temp table.

This whole task that Microsoft data conversion toolkit does can be done by u manually…provied u understand exactly what al fields in which tables are modified or deleted…but i feel its a difficult task…if not impossible.

i would suggest to use “Microsoft data conversion toolkit” .

and ur second query is just because u are trying to create a new field in MS field range. U always have to select “Replace all” option while importing new objects …and never create any fileds in MS range on ur own…as that wud never happen…

revert back if u have any queries …

Thanks and regards

Anurag atish | Associate Consultant | Microsoft Dynamics NAV | Bangalore

i followed the upgradetoolkit guide for v3.10 to v4sp3. i oredi run code unit 104045 to transfer data and code unit 104047 to rename the tables.

But i stuck in step 9 which are(import the new custmoized objects created in the compare and merge process)[in import worksheet window, click replace all then ok]

Once i import i hit the error msg…any idea…?


i have done a similar upgrade from 3.7 to 4.0 sp3 using to toolkit. the database size was huge(135gb) and customiztion almost 40%. it wrked well and smooth fro me.

please recheck that u r using the correct version of the conversion toolkit for ur conversion. once i got this error for this reason only.

other than this i don’t see any reason to get error.

you can always import and replace the table (G/L Account) in navision provided they both have the same structure.

your error clearly says that the structure is not same or the fields to be deleted have records.

just check that all the fields that are not carried in nwe version of G/L Account have no records.