Upgrade toolkit Error 3.7IN to 2009

Hi Friends

when i’m running the Indian upgrade toolkit form (104001) Upgrade - Old Version its giving an error Tabel Data does not exsist 13724 . actually there is no tabel 13724 in indian base3.7 database .

i 'm waiting for your response



What is the version of your 3.7 database? Also tell the exact hot fix in it.

hi vikram

DBVersion IN3.70 and we have not used any hotfix in it



Hi Satheesh,

Microsoft will design Upgrade Toolkit codeunits keeping this in mind that the customer going for Upgrade would’ve first upgraded to the latest available HOTFIX or SERVICE PACK of the version they’re using. Then, this database should be upgraded to the version they intend to Upgrade.

So, you have to options to overcome the errors you might face during your upgrade.

a) Upgrade your customers database to the latest available hotfix for that version (If Indian version, then HF13). Then, using the toolkits provided by Microsoft, upgrade them to the desired version. This is the Recommended procedure.

b) Customize your Upgrade Toolkit so that all the un-necessary functions are commented (Like the one which is giving you the error that the table doesn’t exist) and then run the Upgrade Toolkit codeunits.