Upgrade Tool for Dynamics NAV 2009

Who knows where I can finde the Upgrade Tool for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009?

I’ve been looking at the download portals for NAV 2009 at Partnersource but I simply cannot find it anywhere! Am I blind?


The upgrade has multiple steps.

Usualy it takes 3 to 6 months for any official documents

For 5.1 to 2009 there are no tablechanges so don’t expect an official toolkit for that.

When I upgrade my database I opened the database in the new client and converted the database. In database-alter you will have to activate the servicetier flag.

Then import all pages and populate the profile tables for the role centers. It should work.

Again, this is based on my experiece.

Also the installation DVD should have a folder called transformation tool that contains the actial form to page transformation kit.

Hi Mark,

Thank you. The reason I was looking for the “upgrade tool”, was that I was reading on Partnersource that it was supposed to be released in December 2008.

Hi Erik,

I have been last week on a “What’s new Dynamics NAV 2009” seminar, they really showed us new technical affairs and as Marq says no upgrade tool was told but the transformation tool (TT) Marq comments.

Don’t know where you can download it but it’s just to transform Forms to Pages :frowning:

It took liks 6 months for the 5.0 upgrade toolkit to be released. If anything, I would expect this one to take longer.

Thursday the 18th of December Microsoft actually uploaded the new Upgrade toolkit to all Group 1 countries (except Denmark).

I have uploaded the toolkit to the Download section, including the Enhanchement documents (NAV 3.70 to NAV 2009 and NAV 4.00 to NAV 2009).