Upgrade to Navision 2013

I am given some add ons which were developed in navision 2009.Now I am asked to upgrade them to navision 2013.How can I approach to this up gradation procedure?Besides,I am accessing Navision 2013 from our company server and therefore I am not able to locate the file which contains TextFormatUpgrade2013.exe file. Please help me out.

Welcome to DUG.

You just have to upgrade the software?

Does the add-on working on NAV2009 RTC or only classic?

Thanx for your reply madam.The Add ons are on Classic and I have to upgrade them to 2013.

First you need to upgrade them on NAV2009 Only by Creating Pages, Request pages for reports using TransformationTool released with DVD.

You need to create rdlc layout for all the reports to run the reports in RTC.

Convert Dataports to xmlports, if there are any.

To do an Upgrade you need to have license for those objects ranges.

Are they developed by your company or any other partner?

They are developed by some other partner.Will you please tell me about the concept of license for object ranges?

Then why cant you contact the Partner who has developed them?

they might have upgraded the solution and you can use that…

Ok Madam. Ma’am,is the procedure of upgrading add ons any different from upgrading customized objects which is described in developer IT pro guide in nav 2013?

No, but need to have license to create pages and modify the reports etc.

Are they developed between 50000…99999 or do they have any specific number range?

If they are in 50000…99999 then we can do it and if they are in specific object range then we need a special license from them to do.

They are in the object range 50000…99999.

Then you can upgrade them as we do regularly.

Ok Ma’am.Thans for the help. [:)]

I have to upgrade some customized objects to NAV 2013.I have followed the steps as described by in the NAV 2013 developer help guide.But when I am running the command prompt with this command -D:\Dynamics\Dynamics.NAV70.NA.1184421.DVD\UpgradeToolKit\Object Change Tools>TextFormatUpgrade2013.exe C:\upgrade\oldcustom.txt ,en error ‘the command is not recognized as an internal or external command’ is shown.I have customized the objects on NAV 2009 R2 classic environment.Here ‘oldcustom.txt’ is my customized object file.Please help.

Please use your http://dynamicsuser.net/forums/t/69895.aspx post for questions.

dont post same question in many places…

Ok Madam.